FrostX freeze-dryer

The unit is smaller than a standard refrigerator and makes it possible to dry food - fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat and ready meals - without losing any flavour or nutritional value. What makes FrostX different is the ability to freeze the product inside the chamber.

Why is it a good choice?

The benefits of freeze drying have been appreciated by travelers, athletes and astronauts for years, but more and more often freeze-dried products are chosen by other consumers. This trend is continuing to rise.
  • rectangular stainless steel vacuum chamber
  • inner product compartment
  • vacuum system with first-class components
  • high-efficiency refrigeration system
  • compact size
  • low energy consumption of up to 4.9 kWh/kg of the charge

What is the revolution about?

Full process automation

No pollutant emissions

Low noise

Low operating cost

Intuitive controls

Reduced freeze-drying time