For home users

Freeze-dryers for the home

Freeze-dryers allow you to freeze vegetables, fruits, herbs from your own garden, as well as ready meals, soups, meat, eggs, ice cream, etc.Thanks to the freeze-dryer, you and your family will have healthy food for the winter, and you will significantly reduce food waste.


Thanks to freeze-drying products, we extend their expiration date for consumption without losing their nutritional value, taste, aroma and appearance


Freeze-drying consists of three steps: freezing, sublimation and desorption (removal of water from products).

FrostX 7 freeze-dryer

The domestic freeze-dryer, with a suggested charge weight of 10 kg, is perfect for households prioritizing the health of the entire family. You will be able to successfully dry-freeze food that you can eat at another time, take on a trip, or add to baked goods in the winter time. Often after a hard day we do not have the strength to cook, then the ideal solution can be a pre-made dinner, just pour boiling water over it and voilà!

FrostX 10 freeze-dryer

A larger and more efficient version of the home freeze-dryer, designed for domestic use. It can be used for dry-freezing meals and crops from the garden/orchard, where it is important to freeze as much as possible before the end of the season. This freeze-drier is also a good option to start your business in freeze-drying.

The benefits of freeze drying

The benefits of freeze drying have been appreciated by travelers, athletes and astronauts for years, but more and more often freeze-dried products are chosen by other consumers This trend is continuing to rise.This technology, which has been so far reserved for large companies with high budgets, is now available for everyone.It is one of the most developing products for the industry. If you are looking for new trends for healthy food, the FrostX freeze dryer is just for you.

Thanks to freeze-drying


Reduce losses due to food waste


Get rid of restrictions related to the seasonality of products


Reduce food storage costs


Significantly extend the shelf life of food products


Be ready to make online sales


Stay ahead of the competition with the ability to produce entirely new products